Choosing The Correct Chemical To Use In Carpet CleaningGeneral 

Choosing The Correct Chemical To Use In Carpet Cleaning 

Choosing the correct chemical to use in Iranian carpet cleaning in Dubai is essential for maintaining the appearance of your carpet. Several chemicals can damage the look of your carpet, but you can prevent this by following the following guidelines. First, you should avoid any chemicals with low pH, as these are more acidic. These chemicals can damage dyes and treatments, as well as carpet fibers. In addition, some carpet cleaning chemicals contain optical brighteners, which can alter the long-term appearance of your carpet.


To prevent stains and soil from adhering to fibers, carpet cleaning companies use phosphate chemicals. While phosphates are not considered harmful to humans, they can hurt the environment. Many manufacturers no longer use these chemicals but they are still used for industrial and commercial applications.


Perchloroethylene is a common dry-cleaning chemical. However, it can cause several health concerns, including nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. It can also damage the kidneys and liver. It is also known to cause skin irritation.


When choosing a chemical for your carpet cleaning needs, it is important to read the label. Not all chemical cleaners are safe for children or pets. You can ask a carpet cleaning company to provide you with a list of ingredients. Also, look for the green seal certification on the products they use.


Ammonia is a chemical that is used to clean carpets. It is also used to remove stains. It should be mixed with water and then applied liberally to the stain. This stain removal solution should be allowed to dry thoroughly before walking on the carpet.

Baking soda:

Baking soda can be used as a carpet cleaner for various reasons. It can eliminate odors by removing dirt and debris from carpet fibers. It is non-toxic and safe for humans. It also has a deodorizing effect which helps keep carpets smelling fresh.


When using vinegar for carpet cleaning, it’s important to follow the right procedure. First, thoroughly rinse your carpet to remove all visible solid waste. Then, vacuum up small debris. Rinse with clean water to remove any excess vinegar solution. These are some useful chemicals you can use for carpet cleaning.

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