Six Fire Safety Tips You Need To Know General 

Six Fire Safety Tips You Need To Know 

When it comes to prevent fires in your home, there are many ways. Some of the obvious prevention measures include installing smoke alarms and having a fire extinguisher on your shelves. If you want prevent fires in your home, you must follow these safety tips. You should also make sure that you know what to do when you are trapped. You should also incorporate reliable FM 200 suppression system in your home.

Tip# 1:

First, you should have a fire escape plan in place. You should know what doors are available and how to open them. You should also have a secondary escape route if your main escape route is blocked. You should call emergency services if you cannot exit your home promptly.

Tip# 2:

The second thing you must do is ensure your home is well-stocked with smoke alarms. These should be located at least three feet away from any sources of heat. You should test the batteries in your smoke alarms monthly. It would help if you never left a candle unattended. You should also keep lighters and matches stored properly.

Tip# 3:

When you have a fireplace, you should use the screen to protect yourself from fire. It would help if you cleaned the firebox after every use. You should also check the chimney periodically. This will ensure that you have no loose particles that could catch fire.

Tip# 4:

When you are asleep, you should close the bedroom door. This will give you time to respond to a smoke alarm before the fire spreads. It would help if you also had a fully charged approved fire extinguisher nearby. If the fire gets bigger, you should put the extinguisher to work.

Tip# 5:

It would help if you also had a meeting place outside of your home that is safe from danger. You should have at least one emergency fire exit on each floor. You should also ensure that your building has proper fire and emergency lighting. These can save lives, especially if you live in an area with frequent visitors.

Tip# 6:

Another thing to do is to have a fully charged, approved fire extinguisher in the kitchen. It would help if you also practiced your escape plan at least twice a year. If you have a multistory building, you should plan on using the stairs.

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