Importance of cakes in weddingsGeneral 

Importance of cakes in weddings

A wedding cake is specially made to be served at weddings in many parts of the world. In some of the countries a wedding cake is a must to be in a wedding and it has become a tradition.

Cakes in weddings are considered to be a symbol of commitment between the couple that is being married and it denotes sweetness. Usually the cake is served at the reception of weddings but in some parts like in England it is served in breakfast. Lately, cakes are used as a centerpiece in weddings and it does not need to be served to the guests but previously it was served because it denoted good luck for the guests attending the wedding.

Cakes can be made on order and you just have to tell the pastry chef how the cakes need to look or you can simple draw the desired type of cake or get a reference photo. Cakes can be of  tripple tiers, double tiers or single tiers and sometimes they can be of even more tiers and each tier is supported by the pillars that are artificial but sometimes look like they are a part of the cake that has to be eaten along.

Qualities of cakes

Cakes can be of any size and flavour depending on the occasion and order. Common ingredients of cakes are marzipan, gum paste, chocolate, fondant and buttercream.

Pricing of cakes

Cakes are priced on the basis of size, ingredients, toppers, pastry chef and decoration. Usually they are priced on the basis of per person or per slice.

Types of cakes

The renown cake flavours are pineapple cake, fruit cake, red velvet cake, black forest cake, plain cake that has to be served with tea, lava cake, mocha java cake, almond cake, luscious lemon cake, pink champagne cake, hazelnut almond cake, ginger spice cake, coffee and cream cake,  death by chocolate cake, caramelized vanilla cake and grand marnier cake.

Some people like different types of cakes at the same wedding and some want the same type of cakes throughout the wedding. For example in Korea it was a part of their tradition that a cake has to be served which would be rice cake and should be topped with red beans powder but with advancement the tradition which is followed now is that the cake should be a sponge cake or fresh fruit cake.


The cakes that include tiers are separated by shells, jewels and flowers but chrome stands are also used but these stands would not be as aesthetically appealing unlike the fancy ones mentioned above.

The frosting of cakes includes chips, drizzles and swirls whereas the toppers of cakes for weddings need to have features of bride groom and bride while for birthday cakes the features can be different like if the birthday belongs to a boy then the toppers of cakes should be a small car.

Along with other countries, Dubai also offers cakes according to different occasions and on they can be designed and made on demand. Best wedding cakes and baby shower cake in Dubai are famous and are part of each celebration.

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